Temperate Rainforest Facts

Temperate Rainforest Scene
Temperate Rainforest
Not all rainforest are lush green jungles full of exotic animals like brightly colored birds. Temperate rainforest are quite different from tropical rainforest. This site list numerous temperate rainforest facts including information about where they are located, what animals and birds live in these forests, and the trees and other plants that grow there. We also describe some of the major differences between tropical rainforests and temperate rainforest.

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Basic Temperate Rainforest Facts

Facts about Temperate Rainforest Layers

Temperate rainforest are divided into three layers; the canopy, understory, and forest floor. Tropical rainforest have an additional layer, the Emergent layer which is the highest layer.

Rainforest Canopy Layer Facts

The highest layer is the Canopy. This layer is characterized by huge trees growing hundreds of feet high. Redwood trees growing in the temperate rainforests located in California can grow to heights exceeding three hundred feet. That is higher than a twenty nine story building. Other tall trees include the Douglas Fir and the Sitka Spruce. The tremendous amounts of rain and mild weather fosters this type of growth.

Rainforest Understory Layer Facts

This layer lies beneath the canopy. It is shaded by the huge trees towering over the forest. Plants that grow here must be able to survive with little sunlight. This layer is characterized by plants such as small trees, ferns and berry shrubs.

Rainforest Floor Layer Facts

The forest floor is the lowest layer of the temperate rainforest. It is characterized by mosses, algae, mushrooms, and small plants. There are fallen dead trees, tree needles, broken branches, and leaves covering the ground. As the fallen trees, leaves, and branches decay they provide rich nutrients for the soil promoting new plant growth. Very little sunlight breaks through the upper layers of the forest. This layer is always damp and shady. The temperate rainforest floor is the layer where most temperate forests animals live; unlike tropical rainforest where most animals live in the canopy. Here these animals have some protection from the rain and can find food. Animals such as black bear, deer, chipmunk, vole, and cougars can be found on the forest floor.