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Stream running through a temperate rainforest
Temperate Rainforest Stream


In this section of Temperate Rainforest Facts we cover information about the temperate rainforests of the world. Where other sections of this site focus on the rainforest animals and plants this section focuses on such topics as the locations of these biomes, what the climate is, soil, rainfall, and the food chain. Although the largest temperate rainforests are located on the Pacific coast of North America there are many other of these forests located throughout the world. Below you will find a list of the main temperate rainforests found on earth.

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Pacific Temperate Rainforest Eco region Biome

The largest temperate rainforest Eco region in the world is the Pacific temperate rain forests. This region lies along the Pacific Northwest coast of North America stretching from California to Alaska. This region is found on the western side of the Pacific Coast Mountain Ranges. The climate varies significantly from the north to the south creating many different sub-ecoregions characterized by different animal and plant species. These sub-ecoregions are listed below:

Pacific Temperate Rainforest Sub-Ecoregions

In the Northern California coastal forests you will find the Coast Redwood tree (Sequoia sempervirens) which is the tallest tree on the planet. Other trees you will find include the Douglas Fir (the most common tree in this region), western hemlock, and Sitka spruce. Just a few of the numerous animals are the black bear, raccoon, mountain lion, mountain beaver, great horned owl, bobcat, and minks.

South Americas Temperate Rainforest Biomes

South America has two temperate rainforest biomes; named Valdivian and Magellanic. They are vast and only surpassed in size by the Pacific temperate rain forests. They are located along the Pacific coast of Chile and Argentina in the southwestern part of the continent. The rainforest are mostly located in Chile on the west slopes of the southern Chilean coast range and along the west facing slopes of the Andes Mountains. The rainforest do extend into Argentina (to the east of Chile) in some areas. Antarctic flora, which is found in the southern hemisphere on numerous continents, is plentiful in South Americas temperate rainforest biome. Examples of the flora found in this biome are lichens, mosses, and mushrooms. Examples of animals include the pudu (smallest deer in the world), Magellanic woodpecker, and the Andean deer.

Temperate Rainforests of South Africa

When thinking of rainforest in Africa what usually comes to mind are the continents lush tropical rainforest. However many people do not realize that this continent also has temperate Rainforests. These forest are found on the south-facing slopes of the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa; they face the Indian Ocean.

Temperate Rainforests Located in Europe

Relatively small regions of temperate Rainforests can be found in parts of Europe in places such as north Spain, southern Norway, on the coast of the Black Sea, the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the North West coast of both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Other Locations of Temperate Rainforest

In addition to the locations listed above these types of forest can also be found in temperate regions of Australia, East Asia, and New Zealand.